Audience Targeting

Audience targeting is the process that allows you to segment your advertisers' target audience so that you can deliver the most relevant ads to the right people.

It's a crucial ad serving feature that empowers advertisers to restrict ad displays to specific user groups based on particular parameters.

Audience Targeting Options

There are 4 primary ways to target your audience.

  1. Country Targeting - allows you to target or restrict the delivery of your ads to specific countries.
  2. Browser Targeting - allows you to target your ads to specific web browsers, such as Google Chrome or Safari.
  3. Operating System Targeting (OS Targeting) - permits you to target your ads to users of specific operating systems, such as Android or iOS.
  4. Device Targeting - allows you to target your ads to specific devices like desktop or mobile devices.

Allow Refreshed

Besides these 4 targeting options, you also have the option to allow or disallow Ad Refreshing.

The Allow Refreshed feature determines if an ad will automatically refresh after the page is revisited or refreshed by that targeted user who has already seen the ad.

The Allow Refreshed feature in Sevio AdManager is helpful for audience targeting because it enables advertisers to increase ad impressions, improve ad recall, enhance engagement, and mitigate ad fatigue.

How to set Audience Targeting for an Ad Item

To set audience targeting, start by creating a campaign. Once the campaign is set up, go to Advertisers > Advertiser > Campaign > Ad Items.

The image below illustrates the layout of the Ad Manager's Ad Item tab, where you can view all ad items for a specific campaign and have the option to add a new one. If you don't have an ad item yet, create one or edit an existing ad item to adjust its audience targeting.


Follow these steps to add or edit an ad item in your campaign and set audience targeting for your advertiser.

1. Setting Audience Targeting for a New Ad Item

  1. Click the Add Ad Item button in the Ad Item tab.
  2. Fill in the General Details of your Ad Item (Name and Status).
  3. Set the Schedule & Pricing details.
  4. Set the Frequency Capping information.
  5. At the Audience Targeting tab, you can target your audience based on Country, Browser, Operating System, or Device. Additionally, you can toggle the Allow Refreshed option on or off.


2. Setting Another Audience Targeting for an Existing Ad Item  

  1. From the Ad Item tab, press the Settings button next to the ad item you want to adjust.  
  2. Go to the Audience Targeting tab and choose another targeting option for your ad item.  
  3. Save the ad item

After completing and saving the new or existing ad item with your chosen targeting audience, the ad item for your selected campaign will be successfully updated or added to your Ad Items menu under that advertiser. 

However, remember to explore further features bonded to the ad item addition process, including the Pricing Model, Ad Item Weight, Ad Item Priority, Ad Serving Limit, and Frequency Capping.

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