Assigning Campaigns to Ad Zones

After setting up your inventories, ad zones, and creating a campaign, the next step is to link that campaign with your website’s ad zone(s).

The importance of assigning Ad Zones

An ad zone is the area of a website/app where you intend to display ads. Each ad zone can be assigned to one or multiple campaigns.

Starting from this definition, assigning a campaign to an ad zone is crucial so you can display the ad items within that campaign. Without assigning a zone to a campaign, advertisers' ads won't show up on your website or app.

Additionally, remember that you need at least one ad item to make an assignment. You can only assign a campaign to a zone of the corresponding type.

How to assign Campaigns to Ad Zones

Once you created a campaign and at least one ad item, head over to the Advertisers tab > Select your advertiser > Campaigns > Select the Campaign > Zone Assignment.

Then click on the “Assign to Zones” button and select which inventory and zones you want to assign the campaign to.


Once you save that zone assignment, it will be added to your Zone Assignments menu under that advertiser's campaign.

How to Unassign Campaigns to Ad Zones on Sevio AdManager?

If you mistakenly assigned your campaign to the wrong zone or you simply wish to unassign a campaign from an ad zone for any reason, go to the Advertisers tab > select the Advertiser > select the Campaign you want to change > head to Zone Assignments.


Once you're on this page, choose the zone you wish to unassign by checking the box next to its name and clicking on the Unassign button.

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