Setting up a Campaign

After successfully adding an advertiser to your account, you can proceed to create a campaign for that advertiser.

  1. Navigate to the Advertisers tab in the left-hand menu.
  2. Select an advertiser.
  3. Access the Campaigns section from the header bar.
  4. Click the Add Campaign button to create a new campaign.

Setting up an Advertiser Campaign

After you press the Add Campaign button, a new window will appear, allowing you to set up the campaign for your advertiser. The setup process is straightforward, consisting of a few simple steps.


1. Insert a name for your campaign - e.g., Summer Special Deals Campaign.

2. Select the campaign status:

  • Active - Once the campaign is created, it will start running immediately.
  • Paused - The campaign will automatically be set to “Paused”. To deliver it you will have to update it from the Campaign Settings later.

3. Type in the advertiser domain

4. Select a category your advertiser belongs to - e.g. if your advertiser is a stock exchange, you can choose Stocks as a category.

Once you finish these steps, the new campaign for your chosen advertiser will be created and included in your Campaigns menu under that advertiser.

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