HTML5 Creatives on Sevio AdManager 

HTML5 creatives are ads built with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS that serve on web pages or apps. They can be either display or rich media. 

  • Display – These are essentially image ads that, when clicked, redirect users to the advertiser's website.
  • Rich media – These are more dynamic and interactive. They can incorporate animations, image galleries, games, or embedded videos, providing a more engaging experience. 

HTML5 creatives can be assigned to display assets. 

HTML5 Creative Ad Size Requirements 

HTML5 Creatives can be uploaded to campaigns and served on display inventory. The creatives should meet the IAB standards for HTML5 ads. However, on our platform, you can also opt for a custom size. Please ensure the prerequisites are followed to allow the creatives to be correctly uploaded. 

Requirements for HTML5 Creatives

  1. Structure your HTML5 creatives within a .zip file, maintaining one zip file per creative. If not, you can opt to use iFrame.
  2. Keep individual zip files under 400KB in size.
  3. Ensure the HTML file is located in the first root folder.
  4. For banners, prioritize using secure links (HTTPS) for all embedded links and libraries within the creative.

How to Create an HTML5 Banner

If you want to write your own code for an HTML5 display banner, you can use any HTML5 editor. After you choose one, follow these steps: 

1. Create a valid HTML file with essential tags like <html>, <head>, <title>, and <body>. 

2. Specify the dimensions of your creative using a <meta> tag: 

 <meta name="ad.size" content="width=[x],height=[y]"> 

3. Add a click tag with the following script tag. Replace "" with your advertiser's landing page: 

 <script type="text/javascript"> 

 var clickTag = ""; 


4. Make your primary image or ad container clickable by wrapping the <div> tag with an <a> tag: 

 <a href=""> 

 <div id="container"> 

 <img src="image.png" /> 



SIDENOTE. If you want to start an advertising campaign but don't have designers or HTML5 professionals available, our team can design custom banners according to your preferences. 

How to Import an HTML5 Creative to an Asset on Sevio AdManager?

  1. Go to Advertisers > Advertiser > Assets > Select Asset > Creatives. 
  2. Press the Add Creative button. 
  3. Choose the HTML5 creative type. 
  4. Upload your creative file. 
  5. Press the Add Creative button.


After a creative is loaded in AdManager, it will be automatically saved in the Creative Gallery.  

What is the Creative Gallery Feature? 

The Creative Gallery serves as a central storage location for all the creatives used in creating and managing ads throughout a campaign. This feature supports collaborative efforts during the creative development process.

It's important to keep in mind that static and HTML5 creatives hosted directly in the Creative Gallery must adhere to a maximum file size of 400KB. Using larger creative files could lead to longer load times, affecting the overall user experience.

For optimal outcomes, consider collaborating with a professional to fine-tune creatives and improve the user experience for your website or app.

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