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A creative is an ad delivered to users on a webpage, app, or other digital platform. On Sevio AdManager, creatives can be either static or dynamic (in the form of banners or natives). 

To serve ads, creatives must be added to assets. Also, it's important to note that creatives are always associated with a specific advertiser. 

Banner Creative Ad Size Requirements 

Sevio AdManager uses IAB standard ad sizes but also accommodates custom sizes. The IAB standard ad sizes include: 

  • 300 x 250; 
  • 160 x 600; 
  • 320 x 100; 
  • 468 x 60; 
  • 300 x 600; 
  • 320 x 50; 
  • 728 x 90; 
  • 970 x 250; 
  • 1160 x 65. 

Types of Creatives 

Our AdManager supports 4 different types of creatives: 

1. Static  

Static creatives are non-animated and do not have any interactive elements. They typically consist of a single image or graphic; their content remains fixed without movement. On Sevio AdManager, standard file formats for static creatives include JPEG, PNG, SVG, and GIF. 

2. HTML5 

HTML5 creatives are more dynamic and interactive compared to static ones. They are built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, allowing animations, transitions, and interactive elements. HTML5 creatives are often used for rich media ads and interactive content on websites.

3. Script 

These refer to scripts or code snippets embedded in HTML, JavaScript, or other languages to add functionality or interactivity to a creative. JavaScript is commonly used for scripting within HTML5 creatives. 

How to Import a Creative to an Asset

  1. Select an advertiser, head to the Assets tab, and select an Asset. 
  2. Press the Add Creative button.
  3. Choose the creative type you want to add.
  4. Upload your creative file.
  5. Press the Add Creative button. 

After a creative is loaded in AdManager, it will be automatically saved in the Creative Gallery.

What is the Creative Gallery Feature?

The Creative Gallery is a storage hub for all the creatives used in constructing and managing ads delivered across a campaign.

A creative is composed of all the elements your audience will see in an ad, combining design assets and settings to define the visual appearance of your ad. 

It's important to note that static and HTML5 creatives hosted directly in the creative gallery have a maximum file size of 400KB

Larger creative files may increase load times and impact the overall user experience. For optimal results, consider working with a professional to optimize creatives and enhance the user experience for your website or app.

SIDENOTE. If you want to start an advertising campaign but don't have designers available, our team can design custom banners according to your preferences.

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