Frequency Capping

Frequency capping is a feature that limits the number of times a particular ad item will be delivered to a single user, within a specified period. In simpler terms, it decides how many times a user can see a specific ad.

This prevents users from becoming annoyed or irritated by seeing the same ad too often. 

Frequency Capping Options

There are 3 types of frequency capping: global capping, user capping, and after-click capping. 

Global Capping


Global Capping determines how often an ad item will be delivered based on the selected frequency and value. 

For example, you can set a global capping with hourly frequency and a value of 10,000 impressions for an ad item, preventing it from being delivered more than 10,000 times per hour.

User Capping


User Capping determines how often a specific user can see an ad item based on the selected frequency and value. 

For instance, setting a daily frequency with a value of 3 impressions for an ad item will prevent it from being delivered to the same user more than 3 times a day.

After-Click Capping


After-Click Capping stops delivering the ad item to a specific user for a specified time after that user clicks the ad item. 

For example, setting an after-click cap with a daily frequency will prevent that ad item from being shown to the same user within 24 hours of them clicking it.

How to set a Frequency Capping for an Ad Item

You can customize your capping settings while creating a new ad item or while editing an existing one.

1. Set a Frequency Capping for a New Ad Item

  1. In the Ad Item tab, click the Add Ad Item button.
  2. Fill in the General Details
  3. Set your Schedule & Pricing details
  4. In the 3rd step, Frequency Capping, you can toggle on or off any of the 3 capping options to customize them.

2. Set the Frequency Capping for an Existing Ad Item 

  1. From the Ad Item tab, press the Settings button next to the ad item you want to modify. 
  2. Go to the Frequency Capping tab and customize your capping settings. 
  3. Save the ad item.

After completing and saving the new or existing ad item with your preferred frequency capping, the ad item for your selected campaign will be successfully updated or added to your Ad Items menu under that advertiser. 

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