Ad Item Weight Explained

Ad Item Weight helps determine which ad to show when there are ads with the same priority. You can assign weights between 1 and 100. The higher the weight, the more often the ad will appear.

For instance, let’s say you have two ads with the Sponsorship priority, one for Advertiser X and another for Advertiser Y. If you want Advertiser Y's ads to be shown more frequently, you can set a higher weight for Advertiser Y. 

If Advertiser Y has a weight of 100 and Advertiser X weighs 50, ads from Advertiser Y will be shown more often. This way, you can give preference to the more important advertiser by adjusting the ad item weights.

How to Set the Weight for Your Ad Item on Sevio AdManager?

Before assigning a weight, you need to create a campaign. Once the campaign is set up, go to Advertisers > select the advertiser > Campaign > Ad Items.

The image below shows the structure of the Ad Manager's Ad Item tab, where you can view all your ad items for a specific campaign and the option to add a new one. If you don't have an ad item yet, you need to create one. You can also edit an existing ad item to change its weight.

1. Setting the Weight for a New Ad Item

  1. Click on the Add Ad Item button in the Ad Item tab.
  2. Fill in your Ad Item’s General Details
  3. On Step 2, Schedule & Pricing, you can set the desired Weight for your ad item.

2. Adjusting the Weight for an Existing Ad Item

  1. From the Ad Item tab, click the Settings button next to the ad item you want to modify.
  2. Go to the Schedule & Pricing tab and select a different weight for your ad item.
  3. Save the changes to the ad item.

Once you've completed and saved the new or modified ad item with the selected weight, it will be successfully updated or added to your Ad Items menu under that advertiser's campaign.

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