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Authorized Digital Sellers, or ads.txt, is an initiative by the IAB Tech Lab that helps to ensure that your digital ad space is only sold by sellers you've approved. 

By creating your own ads.txt file, you gain greater control over who can sell ads on your site, reducing the risk of counterfeit inventory being offered to advertisers.

Basically, this file aims to improve the transparency for programmatic buyers and minimize cases of ad fraud.

Sevio Ad Manager prioritizes the integrity of your advertising inventory. That's why using ads.txt is mandatory on our platform (currently on desktop only, but in the future it will also be required on app inventory). 

How to set up an Ads.txt File for Sevio Ad Manager?

Setting up an ads.txt file through Sevio Ad Manager is easy to do. It's a required step when you create your ad inventory, specifically in step 3 of the process. Simply follow the general steps for creating an ad inventory up to step 3, and then proceed with the following instructions to set up your ads.txt file:

1. Host your own ads.txt file

If you already have an Ads.txt file on your website, you can copy the text provided by Sevio Ads Manager and upload it to your existing file. Alternatively, you can download the Ads.txt file from our platform and upload it to your root domain, under

Then just click the "Verify" button on Sevio Ad Manager. If everything is correct, your ad inventory will be successfully created, and the "Ads.txt Status" will show as "Valid".

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2. Let us host your ads.txt file

If you don’t want to host your ads.txt file, you can simply redirect the URL where your ads.txt would normally be located ( to the URL provided by Sevio Ad Manager.

If you want us to host your ads.txt file but need to add additional content inside the file, please get in touch with one of our account managers.

Once that’s done, simply click the "Verify" button. If everything is in order, your ad inventory will be successfully created, and the "Ads.txt Status" will appear as "Valid".

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