Sevio Ads Manager - Native Templates Explained

Native Ad Templates are a straightforward and easy-to-use feature that enhances your online presence in a user-friendly way. At their core, Native Ad Templates consist of HTML codes that determine the aspect and behavior of the native ad. 

These can be used to create a variety of ad formats, from in-feed ads to sidebar ads. As such, they can be repurposed, making them easier to set up for future campaigns. 

It is essential to understand that a Native Ad cannot be created without first creating a Native Ad Template. 

How to Create a New Native Template

From your AdManager dashboard, select Settings on the left-side menu, click on Native Templates, and then click on Add Native Template. 

In the new window, you create a new native template and view all your existing ones.

1. Complete the Form with the Name and HTML Code

2. Select One or More Variables

Native Ad Templates use variables to replace placeholder content with dynamic content specific to each ad. While setting up your Native Template, you can choose between the following variables:

  • Address – the physical address of the advertiser
  • Advertiser Display URL – a beautified URL that can help hide tracking parameters
  • Advertiser Name
  • Call-to-Action Text
  • Description
  • Additional Description
  • Downloads
  • Image
  • Likes
  • Phone Number
  • Price
  • Rating
  • Sale Price
  • Sponsored By
  • Thumbnail
  • Title

How to Add a Native Template to an Ad Zone

1. Access your Inventories Settings 

To set up your Native Ad Zones from your Inventories dashboard, simply click on the settings of one of the inventories. 

2. Add an Ad Zones 

Then, simply head to the “Ad Zones” tab and click on “Add Zone”.  

3. Fill in the General Details

Finally, under “Ad Type” select Native, and select your Native Ad Template from the dropdown list. 

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