Banner Ad Zones

In our latest article about Sevio's Ad Zones, we briefly discussed the Banner Ad Zones. However, in the following chapters, we will discuss anything you need to know about Banner Ad Zones.

What are Banner Ad Zones?

A Banner Ad Zone is an ad often displayed along the top, side, or bottom of a website, aiming to drive traffic to the advertiser's website. The Banner Ad Zones ensure brand awareness and overall brand consideration.

How to set up Banner Ad Zones?

Step 1: Access your Inventories Settings

To set up your Banner Ad Zones from your Inventories dashboard, simply click on the settings of one of your entries from your inventory.

Step 2: Add an Ad Zones

Once you click the Add Zones button, a new window will appear to show the setup process, which consists of two simple steps. 

Step 3: Complete the General Details form


At this step, you need to input the form with relevant details and choose the preferred ad type, in this case, a banner. As you can see, Sevio Ad Zones allows you to add a custom-size banner besides the standard sizes.

By using custom-sized banners, you ensure excellent space usability, ensuring that your ads will be efficient and user-friendly, seamlessly integrated within the overall visual content of the website.

If Banner Ad Zones are not for you, please check the Native Ad Zones.

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