Sevio Ad Manager Overview

If you need help figuring out where to start with Sevio Ad Manager, you landed on the right page!

Ad Manager is a platform that provides you with all the tools you need to efficiently monetize your websites and apps.

Create your Sevio Account

Visit, hit the Create a New Account button, and you will be redirected to the right page. Input your full name, enter your email address, and choose a strong password.


Please note that you will receive a verification code on the email address used to create this account.

Make sure to check out our Terms and Conditions before creating your account.

Sevio Ad Manager | Account Setup and Customization

Once you log into your account, you will land on the account overview page. From there, from left to right, you have:


1. Settings Dashboard

This panel is structured into 2 categories: General and Security

1.1 The Profile tab manages all your account details, account avatar, and alias, alongside your public description to help customers identify you more easily.

1.2 In the Security tab, you can Add, Manage, and Authorize Users or change your account settings, such as User Profile, Security with Two-Factor Authentication, and Email Preferences.

2. Account Overview

3. Quick Access to Sevio's Products

The Quick Access menu lets you easily switch between our products.

Understanding Sevio Ad Manager

If you open our Ad Manager for the first time, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. But worry not, as we'll walk you through the whole interface. 

1. Account Overview


The account overview gives you an at-a-glance report of your account. This includes statistics like impressions, viewable, clicks, CTR, and estimated earnings.

Additionally, you can use the left-side menu to navigate the platform.

2. Settings

The settings panel gives you access to two screens: Account Settings and Native Templates.


The Account Settings tab lets you customize your Ad Preferences, where you can apply custom filters (like allow and disallow) to various fields such as:

  • Ad Categories
  • Seats
  • Advertiser Domains
  • Creative IDs

These help you customize your ad delivery at an account level, but you can also change them later, while setting up individual inventories.

The Native Templates tab is where you create templates and variables for your native ads.


3. Inventories

The Inventories tab gives you an overview of all the websites and applications that you manage, together with their status, the number of active ad zones, and the date they were added. 


From this screen, you can dive deeper into any of your inventories and manage them. For more details about the Inventory tab, check out our other resources:

4. Advertisers

The Advertisers tab lets you keep an eye on and manage all the brands and businesses that deliver ads through your inventory. From this tab, you can add new advertisers, set up custom campaigns for your direct deals, attribute campaigns to ad zones, and more. 


For more in-depth guides, check out our other articles:

5. Reports

Sevio's reporting tab offers a complete reporting system that ensures your ad delivery is on the right track and your advertisers' campaigns are performing well.


As such, you can generate 4 types of reports:

  • General Reports;
  • Inventory Reports;
  • Campaign Reports;
  • Ad Item Reports.
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