Sevio Ad Manager F.A.Q.

What is Sevio Ad Manager?

Sevio Ad Manager is an ad management platform built for publishers that want to monetize their websites and apps by displaying digital advertising. Our platform provides in-depth controls over the ad delivery process, allowing publishers to fully optimize their revenue streams.

What Ad Types Can I Integrate on My Website/App?

Sevio Ad Manager allows you to integrate two primary ad types on your website or app: banners (which encompass IAB standard sizes as well as custom sizes), and native ads.

Our team will assist you in integrating the ad types you prefer on your website/app. Also, we offer recommendations based on proven success, but you have the final say on placement.

How Do You Handle Our Data?

At Sevio, we prioritize the protection of your privacy and adhere to a strict policy of not sharing your data with any third party that we have not explicitly disclosed or partnered with, without your consent. For detailed information on how we handle your data, please refer to our Privacy Policy page.

What are Your Payment Terms?

All the information about our payment terms can be found in detail within our Terms and Conditions. We encourage you to read these pages thoroughly for a clear and complete overview of payment conditions.


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